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Project Name : 하이콘 쉴드(Hycon Shield)
Team : Jackson Roberts, Baraka Kombe-Jarvis, Dario Ferencevic, 변수현, 정찬호
Award : KRW 10 million toward the team’s project and an opportunity to collaborate with HYCON R&D team


Project : 하이파이브(Hyfive)
Team : 임국현, 김상훈, 김슬기, 진승완
Award : KRW 5 million


Project Name : 하이패스(Hy-Pass)
Team : 임운택, 최윤준, 윤인제, 권영길, 우성범
Award : KRW 3 million


Project Name : 디지털 증거의 블록체인 인증 (Blockchain Authentication of Digital Evidence)
Team : Pablo Lopez, Ziyi, Vladislav Aistov, Catherine Bui, 손준혁
Award : Qualification to enter HyconHacks in Europe with all related travel expenses covered, KRW 10 million and consulting support on ICO/exchange listing


Project : 마이유니브(MyUniv)
Team : 김무성, 이천, 정중근, 조혜민
Award : KRW 5 million


Project Name : 피그말리온 프로젝트(Pygmalion Project)
Team : 조민희, 김창환
Award : KRW 3 million


Project Name : 하이콘 심플 유저 보드 & 비밀 문자 메신저(HYCON Simple User Board & Secret TX messager)
Team : 조범준, 문지훈, 강희정, 이동빈
Award : $250


Project : 하이티켓(HYTicket)
Team : 전민규, 황지연, 석경호
Award : $50


Project Name : 쿼리어블 블록체인을 위한 레이어드 아키텍처(Layered Architecture for the Queryable Blockchain)
Team : 한겨레, 표정우, 이일주
Award : $50


What made you interested in blockchain?

Developing an automated Bitcoin trading system got me interested.

The first thing I heard about blockchain was that you could easily make money at home by mining. Banking on the technology's potential, I started studying blockchain.

``Passion pay`` was a big issue among college students. I became interested in blockchain because it focuses on providing fair rewards to all participants in consensus-forming, token economy, etc.

I became interested in blockchain and fintech as I participated in FuzeX and FuzeW projects organized by BrilliantTS.

I got interested in blockchain via cryptocurrency, as I have some friends that are interested in coins.

I was drawn to blockchain technology that enabled Bitcoin to serve as a currency.

I came across blockchain at the Blockchain Game Jam hosted by Mossland and Loom and I started studying it.

I got to know a bit about blockchain when the Bitcoin price surged starting late last year throughout early this year.

I started learning about the technology when my housemate got a job at a blockchain company.

I became interested in blockchain after participating in the 2018 Security Hackathon organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT.

How did you hear about HyconHacks?

On the website.

I heard about the hackathon as I was signing up for Hycon Learning Day.

I met with Glosfer team at the Blockfesta conference and learned about HyconHacks.

A friend told me about the event and it sounded fun, so I formed a team with my girlfriend and another friend to participate.

A friend suggested that I participate.

I heard about the event from KUBL, Korea University's blockchain society.

I've been interested in hackathon since the summer, and I came across HyconHacks as my teammates and I were looking for a good hackathon.

A school friend introduced me to the event.

My housemate convinced me to be his teammate for the hackathon.

My friend from the research lab told me about HyconHacks.

Tell us about your award-winning project!

With our project HyTicket, we aim to tackle ticket scalping, which is a social issue.

To restore trust in student society, where council membership fee embezzlement and other types of corruption are rampant, we developed a transparent, blockchain-based student council membership fee management platform, MyUniv.

We created a dashboard for transactions of a HYCON wallet. When a transaction occurs, we made it so the transaction contains messages like in a wire transfer.

Our project is about utilizing WebAssembly in automating blockchain mining process.

Our project is a political donation management Dapp. We generated a smart contract with Ethereum-based Solidity programming language to enable users to make political donations with ease.

I heard about the event from KUBL, Korea University's blockchain society.

We created a HYCON wallet app to make P2P transactions easier. If we could reach an agreement with exchanges in the future, we aim to make cashing out much faster to enable the use of cryptocurrency in everyday life.

A school friend introduced me to the event.

A very brief summary of our project “Hycon Shield” would be that we developed a prototype which enables us to manage online access permissions to e.g. confidential files in real-time on the Hycon blockchain.

The project consisted of the encryption of CCTV video footages, using blockchain technology, to ensure the authenticity of the proof when used in court

Have you participated in other hackathons?

I've participated in a drone hackathon.

I participated in the hackathon hosted by Hdac.

I've participated in the hackathon held at Korea University.

This is my first hackathon.

HyconHacks is my third hackathon.

I participated in the Hdac Hackathon.

I have participated in a blockchain hackathon hosted by a conglomerate.

I took part in the 2018 Security Hackathon.

I've participated in a blockchain hackathon in Gyeonggi Province, organized by the Center for Convergence Security Research.

This is the first hackathon ever for my teammates. Two of them had never even heard of the word blockchain.

I have zero experience in hackathons. I will never forget my first-ever hackathon, HyconHacks.

What do you think are the benefits of hackathons?

Developing and sharing ideas with people of diverse backgrounds, making something together and getting evaluated.

I learned a lot in the process of forming a team and coming up with deliverables in a short period of time.

Being at a hackathon really motivates you and you can feel the passion in the atmosphere.

I'm not a developer so I lacked experience, but it was very meaningful just to have the experience of completing a project in a short period of time, even though it's not perfect.

Through this hackathon, we were able to see the potential of our ideas and where we lack technical expertise.

In the spirit of coming up with better ideas under a hard deadline, I keep coming back to hackathons for the sense of achievement after developing my deliverables.

Hackathons are a great way to learn from many people more advanced than me.

Because you're developing a project under a tight schedule, you are driven to give it your all and push your limits.

Through the hackathon, I saw firsthand how cool it is to be a developer. And witnessing the participants with diverse backgrounds communicate with each other and develop/plan made me want to become a talented developer.

The hackathon made me more confident and active.

It's common for a projecet to be delayed due to various reasons, such as making time to meet up with teammates, but I think hackathons are a great way to resolve these issues and maximize productivity.

I've been studying blockchain, but this hackathon provided a unique experience for me to look into core source codes and make changes to them.

What did you learn from your experience in HyconHacks?

Pitching, brainstorming, blockchain and especially teamwork. While working with members from Norway, Korea, Spain, Netherlands and Germany I learned that communication and patience is really important.

I learned a lot about Hycon and Glosfer and was impressed at the github code for Hycon.

Several things, how to work in such a diverse team from five different countries, work for long hours, fight against the clock and of course, some programming 😊

It made me realize that cryptocurrency should serve as a currency for users instead of a tool for speculative investments.

I learned that blockchain is more than just cryptocurrency and that it will have a huge influence on our lives and society as a whole.

It was my first time being in charge of main development and I learned a lot in two days. I was able to solely focus on development and not be interfered by school work.

I learned the importance of teamwork and was surprised to see so many young people interested in blockchain technology.

I told my girlfriend I was working on a blockchain-related project, but she didn't seem to get it. When I explained it's related to Bitcoin, she thought it was something bad. I hope everyone will learn what blockchain really is in the near future.

As most developers are very talented, I learned that I need ideas and continuous efforts to survive in this market.

I learned that a project is completed when teammates play different roles. I also thought we should work more on two-minute pitches.

I learned a lot about technical stuff related to HYCON as I worked closely with Glosfer developers. I usually get a lot of help regarding development-related issues but I was able to learn so much more In just two days.

I learned a lot about HYCON's technology by communicating with HYCON developers.

If the mentors taught me anything, it is to ``make it as simple as possible`` when designing something.

I saw there were many people trying to make the world a better place with blockchain, and the passion I felt from the participants encouraged me to keep going. Also, I learned from the well-prepared participants how I should prepare for future hackathons.

It made me realize there are so many ideas that could be materialized with blockchain and that there are already talented developers in this field.

I came to the hackathon not knowing much about blockchain, but by communicating with my teammates and researching, I was able to learn the basic structure and utility of blockchain and relevant technologies.

I was very impressed to see foreign participants win prizes despite the language barrier and surprised to see so many developers and companies showing interest in blockchain.

What do you think are the advantages of HyconHacks?

HyconHacks is open to everyone, not just developers. It was also impressive to see teams with diverse teammates and creative ideas.

As a foreigner, it was fun to visit South Korea and get a first-hand insights about the Korean blockchain community. This was also the largest hackathon I’ve attended and had top-notch organization.

As Mr. Kim said, HyconHacks provided plenty of food and a pleasant environment for development.

It was like a fun festival that provided meals, snacks, rest areas, gaming rooms and other entertainment.

I had fun networking with foreign developers for the first time, and I think the amount of food was just right for a hackathon as it requires a lot of energy.

A hackathon that doesn't allow hunger, I think this was one of the best parts of HyconHacks.

Plenty of food, and I learned a lot from the HYCON developers. It was also nice to have entertainment and games to recharge myself.

It was great to see a hackathon being operated in the perspective of developers. I was also impressed with the bountiful supply of food and drinks.

I think the proportion of foreign developers was much higher at HyconHacks than other hackathons.

The diversity of the teams and the atmosphere of it.

Please share with us your short-term / long-term goal as a project planner/developer?

I plan to use the prize money earned to start my own start-up. I am also set on continueing to sharpen by blockchain coding skills to prepare for the HyconHacks in Berlin.

My goal is to strengthen my compentencies as a designer by participating in more projects. At the same time, I am going to continue to learn about blockchain technology through the blockchain academic society I have recently started.

My short term goal is to analyze Ethereum's source code further and upgrade it. My long term goal is to master the fundamentals of the technology so that I can participate in node's core development. I hope my contribution enables blockchain technology to be commonly used in a wider range of industries.

My short term goal is to attend more hackathons. My long term goal is to put our team's idea in real life use to bring real innovations in our society.

My team is a blockchain club from Korea University. I want to grow my team to start a bigger project.

I want to make coin mining easier with Web Assembly. I also want to make a platform that facilitates real life use of blockchain technology.

I want to develop an intuitive blockchain-based application that any layperson can use.

This time, I was able to win because I was lucky to have strong group members. I hope I make more contributions next time.

I will build my skill as a developer and study or work overseas.

I want to start a project that fixes many injustices in the world.

I would like a fuller understanding of both the business side and technology side of the industry so that I can make contributions in both aspects.

I will become a top class blockchain developer so that I can spread Korea's home-grown blockchain technology to the world.

I am going to be a front-end developer with my own distinct style.

I want to be a planner/developer who stays up to date in a fast-evolving blockchain and cryptocurrency industry.

I would like to venture out overseas after strengthening my core competencies.

As I am still a student, I am focused on gaining more relevant experiences. My current goal is to become a full stack developer. I am also working on a client-oriented project.

Any last words you would like to share with us?

My mantra for the hackathon: ``Don't focus on the prize, focus on what you want to make that can help people``.

I would like to thank the HYCON's developer who answered so many of my questions. It's not an exaggeration to say he was our 5th member.

It is my greatest pleasure to be winning the first place. I hope HyconHacks goes on to become a major Hackathon of the premiere kind.

Even the new members were able to learn so much so quickly by participating in the hackathon. Thank you so much for the awesome learning environment!

When an opportunity like this presents itself, just go for it. It will always serve you well.

When I first started learning about blockchain technology, all my friends were busy with job search and I felt lonely to be taking ``the road less traveled.`` However, I came to realize that if you just keep doing what you love, in the end, you will be rewarded with the right outcomes.

I did not expect to win at all. I just focused on having lots of fun. I am more than grateful to have won this prize as well.

Participating at HyconHacks has renewed my passion for blockchain technology.

As a Hackathon novice, my belief is ``if something scares you, it's definitely worth trying.``

See you at the next HyconHacks in Berlin!

I will further dedicate myself to studying blockchain technology and web design so that I can develop my career as a design specialist in the blockchain industry.


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