What is a hackathon?

Generally, a hackathon is where you can transform crazy ideas into reality!


We think that hackathons are all-inclusive, exciting events where designers, developers, and entrepreneurs come together to create something amazing in a few days! We’d like to make it a friendly learning environment for beginners and those who want to try new things, as well as foster leaders and ambitious developers to create technology of the future.

Who can attend?

HyconHacks applications are open to all individuals.


As per our Rules & Code of Conduct, international minors (under 18) must have an accompanying guardian, and local minors must have written guardian consent. You will not be able to enter the event if these requirements are unmet.

What if I don't know how to code?

HyconHacks aims to be the forerunner at bringing blockchain development to society’s upcoming problem solvers and visionaries. We believe that some of the next great ideas and future leaders will come from the fresh and diverse minds of individuals who bring people together and/or innovate new solutions to hidden problems.


We provide a mentorship program for team-building, ideation, and hackathon skills as well as a leadership program for those who are interested in becoming a Hycon ambassador! Furthermore, we have technical workshops to increase attendees’ knowledge about development and blockchain technology.

Do I need a team? How do teams work?

We recommend working in a team! We have found that diverse and collaborative teams usually create the best projects at the end of the event. Team sizes are capped at five (5) members. If you have an ambitious (but reasonable) project that needs more than five (5) teammates, please contact us and get approval during the application process.


If you don’t have a team prior to the event, don’t worry because we’ll host team-matching sessions pre-event. Just make sure to come a little early!

What to bring?

All you need is a form of ID during registration, a laptop, and chargers. Feel free to bring other tech stuff to hack on if you’d like! Optionally, bring some headphones, sleeping stuff, and clothes.


If you have any medical conditions that requires regular medication or specialized equipment, please bring it with you for your wellness and safety.

How much is it to attend the event?

HyconHacks is free for all accepted participants. We will be providing meals, snacks, water, caffeine, workspace, swag, and WiFi for the event!


Travel reimbursements will differ between events. We will try our best to accommodate our international participants. If you have financial difficulties, please inquire about a Financial Hardship Waiver.

What can my team build?

Anything you might want to make a reality! Literally any hardware, software, or tech-related thing you and your team can come up with is fair game. We do expect that most projects that qualify for prizes will have a major software component, but please surprise us otherwise!


Projects will be judged on creativity, technical difficulty, polish, usefulness, and pitch (presentation).

Can I work on my hack before the event? After the event?

As per the HyconHacks rules, please do not create any design elements, code, hardware builds, etc. for your project until the start of the event. Feel free to plan and discuss in advance, but let’s all start on an even playing field.


If your team qualifies for the fellowship program or the IEO (Initial Exchange Offering), we will be able to host your project to whatever stages you want to take it next!