>How to Submit a DevPost

How to Enter a DevPost Hackathon

For HyconHacks Seoul 2018, please visit https://hyconhacks-kr.devpost.com/.

Click “Register for this hackathon”.
If you haven’t signed up with DevPost, please do so. Otherwise, fill out the form.

“Where did you hear about this hackathon?”

“What motivated you to register?”

“Are you planning to submit a project?”

Click “Enter a submission”.
Click “Add a new project”.

I’m developing a project called [your project name].

Here’s the elevator pitch (an elevator pitch is a short description of the project) [your pitch].

It’s built with [your technology stack].

The team [your team (if applicable)].

Here’s the whole story (a detailed description of your project). Please add your team name and table number in this section.

Try it out (include a demo or feature site, optional).

Image gallery (screenshots, UI assets, etc, optional).

Thumbnail image (preview of your project, optional).

Video demo (video showing off your project, optional).

Click “Save” when completed.
Under Step 2: complete your hackathon submission, click the checkbox that accepts rules and terms of service.
Click “Submit to HyconHacks”.